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Dalom 3 Seat Swing Hammock Honey Frame

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Dalom 3 Seat Swing Hammock with 3 Deep Fill Crumb Cushions and Adjustable Sun Shade Canopy.

More Information
Brand Aestas
Canopy Colour N/A
Canopy Size 193cm x 132cm
Cushion Colour N/A
Cushion Type High Back Swing
Build Some assembly required
Material Wood
Frame Colour Honey
Set Size 3 Seat

The Dalom swing seat hammock is perfect for the British garden. Built to a high standard using very tough, environmentally friendly, extremely dense 80-100 year old heart wood from the Arctic Circle. The slow growth rate at this latitude makes for very durable and hard wearing garden furniture ideally suited to our climate. All metal fittings are cadmium plated for long life. The seat hangs on cadmium plated chains which can be adjusted for vertical height of seat, and the pitch to allow the maximum of comfort. The canopy is waterproof and is easily adjusted to protect you from the sun. The Dalom swing seat hammock comes with a choice of deep fill cushions and canopy colours.

What's Included:

- Dalom 3 Seat Swing Hammock with 3 Crumb Fill Deep Fill Cushions and Adjustable Sun Shade Canopy Included.

- Optional Extras include Pillow Bolster Cushion (Pack/2), Hammock Cushion Storage Bag, Weather Cover 

Technical Details:

- The wood used in this furniture is Arctic Pine. Manufactured from FSC Certified, 80-100 year old Arctic Pine. The cool climate ensures that the Pine grows very slowly and, as a result, it is very dense, "wood tough" and comprises a high content of natural protective subtances. It is certified as being from well managed plantations by the independent organisation Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Buying FSC certified products will encourage more forest owners to join the FSC and manage their resource in an environmentally responsible way.

- The Arctic Pine goes through several stages of treatment prior to leaving production;
Stage 1.
- In the first stage the wood is treated with a protective oil containing biocides. This is intended to protect the wood from fungal attack and to neutralize the wood in preparation for stage two. The protective oil used is water-based.
Stage 2.
- In stage two a transparent glaze is applied, which adheres well, thanks to the neutralizing effect of stage one. The glaze consists of a pigment, binder and a substance that protects against fungal attack. The glaze is also entirely water-based.
Stage 3.
- In stage three a top coat that contains fungicides is added, to protect the surface from atmospheric attack and to prevent penetration of the wood. It also provides ultraviolet protection to preserve the colour of the wood. The top coat is again entirely water-based, for the sake of the environment.


- The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization of companies and other stakeholders that have jointly drawn up principles for responsible forestry. These international principles form the basis for nationally adapted forestry management rules. Certification by FSC means that the forest is managed in a resposible way from the environmental, social and financial perspective. Among other things it protects biodiversity and does not permit the destruction of forest. It also takes into consideration local and native populations, as well as the rights of forestry workers.


Wood is a natural product that is affected by environmental conditions. To ensure your furniture serves you well for many years, please follow this advice:

- Clean your furniture often using a mild detergent to prevent fungi or other harmful substances from staining the wood.

- In strong sunlight, resin may seep from the wood. If this happens, gently cut away the resin using a razor blade. The easiest way to remove any remaining resin is with acetone or a similar product. Then treat the furniture again with water based wood protection in a shade matching that of the furniture.

- The easiest way to remove minor marks is with a damp sponge.

- Store the furniture in a cool dry place over winter. Use a good quality weathercover if it to be left outside

- When you get out the furniture at the start of the season, treat it with water based wood protection as needed and tighten any loose screws.

Brand Aestas
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